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At Wildsmith Skin we believe that skincare should be a joy to use and simple to understand. This extends beyond the building of a skincare routine to really understanding the ingredients that go into the formulations you choose.

Our goal is always complete ingredient transparency so that you, our customers, feel empowered to make informed decisions about the products you use daily, but we understand that sometimes the terms and language used in skincare can be hard to navigate with myths and confusion rife.

And so we wanted to start 2023 by decoding some of the terms we are most often asked about and which you will find in our product descriptions and formulation philosophy. 

Our Formulation Philosophy

Created for those who demand EFFICACY without compromising on responsibility, our HIGH-PERFORMANCE formulations are designed to SUPPORT and TRANSFORM skin health, with final skincare formulations being put through rigorous third-party clinical trials to confirm their EFFICACY.

Inspired by the ability of tree’s to adapt, heal, and renew; we draws on delivery systems that transport the precise ingredient dosage, to the specific part of the skin at the optimum time of day and reinforce the function of LAB GROWN ACTIVES by combining them with BOTANICAL ingredients.

A process we call RADICAL BOTANY.

What is LAB GROWN skincare?

These are ingredients that are created in the lab and engineered to mimic the skin’s natural systems for maintaining skin integrity and health.

Using biotechnology we are able to create highly effective ingredients, often starting with naturally derived ingredients and using science to enhance their effectiveness – this process has led to many breakthroughs in skincare and is recognised as being gentler on the environment using less energy and waste in their production.

What is a BOTANICAL?

Botanicals are plant derived ingredients which originate from roots, leaves, seeds, or flowers. They are classified by their chemical structure and the components can be used in all types of skincare products providing anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant protection, hydration, and enhanced cell renewal.

What are skincare ACTIVES?

A skincare active is often a term used to describe an ingredient with powerful properties, often so potent that only a very low percentage is required to see significant results.

A skincare active isn’t defined by its origin, it could be from a plant or lab grown and the word is often used to highlight your products key ingredients – especially those linked to any product claims such as copper peptides or hyaluronic acid.

It’s important to highlight that non-active ingredients still play an important role in your product’s formulation, for example as the vehicle to enhance the absorption of the actives and also to stabilize them.

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