Facial Oils

To repair and maintain moisturisation levels in the skin

Frequently Asked Questions

When to use skincare facial oils?

Facial oils are a really important step in your skincare routine, they seal in moisture and reinforce the skins barrier and are full of omegas and vitamins which are essential for skin health. Facial oils can be used either morning or evening and work well with your moisturiser. Facial oils are also like serums powerfully effective at delivering active ingredients into the skin in a precise measured way. Ensure you are using facials oils at least once a day to limit water evaporation from the skin. Our Active Repair Super Oil is best applied at night-time due the ability to aid skin repair and renewal. With seventeen plant oils rich in omegas, vitamins our facial oil is perfect for a dry, dehydrated, sensitive and ageing skins.

Is olive oil good for skin?

Olive oil has many anti-aging benefits including delivering antioxidant protection, anti-inflammatory and hydrating the skin, thanks to the squalene the ingredient naturally found in the oil. Squalene is also one of the closest oils to our skins natural oil and is naturally produced by the body, the skins oil  glands (sebaceous) produce squalene to keep the skin moisturised, support the skins barrier and fight free radicals. As the skin ages the production of squalene is declining. If you have an oily, combination skin and your prone to breakouts and congestion olive oil is not something you should apply to your skin due to the high level of fatty acids that are naturally present in olive oil. Olive oil is an emollient with occlusive properties meaning it smooths the skin and traps the moisture in the skin making this perfect for dry and extremely dry skin. Plant oils have so many skin benefits which are essential for the skin to maintain healthy hydration levels and a soft supple complexion. A blend of oils offering anti-bacterial properties to help tackle breakouts and blemishes, anti-inflammatory properties to aid comfort to a red and irritated, sensitized skin and vitamins and omegas to reinforce the skin barrier is more beneficial then using just an unblended oil.  Our Active Super Oil contains seventeen omega-rich plant oils to nourish and moisturise the skin, ensuring the skins gets the daily essentials for a healthy, hydrated, clear, glowing complexion.

What face oil is good for oily skin?

Oily, congested and combination skins will enormously benefit from facial oils. Plant oils offer many skin benefits, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory are two of the most important benefits in a facial oil which will help tackle breakouts, spots, and blemishes. When spots and breakouts are red and inflamed a facial oil can help reduce the swelling and the redness of the spots. It is important to keep the skin bacteria levels balanced, plant oils offer anti-bacterial properties to aid the skin and prevent further breakouts. Our Active Super Oil is the perfect balance of antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties allowing the skin to regain a clear, balanced complexion. The skin is perfectly hydrated, the skins barrier is reinforced and the vitamins provide antioxidant power to protect the skin from free radical damage.

Is it good to use oils for night treatment?

Using facials oils at night-time allows the skin to take full advantage of all the powerful properties an oil has to offer. Whist we sleep the skin is more receptive therefore allowing all the vitamins and omegas to fully treat the skin. Facials oils can often to be described as a serum due their affinity with the skin and the outstanding results it delivers. During the night, the skin is repairing the tissues that have been attached from the day and therefore the cell renewal is at its peak. Whilst these two elements are important for the skin, the cells do face an additional challenge which is dehydration. Facial oils limit the skin from dehydrating and prevent water loss, ensuring you wake up to plump, hydrated glowing complexion. A hydrated skin is a healthy skin and keeps sensitivity, dryness and dehydration at bay.

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