Discussing sustainability as a brand can feel somewhat uncomfortable, especially when the most genuinely sustainable approach is to consume and purchase less. However, at Wildsmith, we prioritize minimising our environmental footprint and continuously strive to enhance our sustainability initiatives.

Here are some of the ways we are trying to make a difference:

• Using botanical ingredients that are traceable and locally grown.

• Growing ingredients in the lab (that mimic the body’s own systems to maintain skin integrity and health) that use less energy and waste in their production.

• Choosing partners that have responsible manufacturing practices.

• A design process that begins by thinking about the end life of a product.

• The first luxury beauty brand to use compostable mycelium packaging.

• Our bath collection is packaged in continuously recyclable aluminium.

• Wherever possible our packaging is always fully recyclable.


Wildsmith Hand and Body Refills 

Our respect for nature and the environment drives us to formulate products that work at nature's speed and with an appreciation of time.

We grow using biodynamic principles guided by the rhythms and cycles of the earth, sun, moon and stars. Detailed astronomical information tells our growers the best time to sow, cultivate and harvest at the market garden on the Heckfield Estate.

Since 2021 we have harvested Calendula, Chamomile, Rose, Lemon Verbena and Cucumber to make into Hydrolats, extractions and macerations to bring energy, vibrancy, vitality and healthy to our formulations

We know there is always more to be done so we are working with sustainability consultants Future Plus to help us focus on climate, diversity & inclusion, social, economic and environmental concerns.

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