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The Bothy Candle is Wildsmith Skin’s first home scent, created in partnership with visionary and olfactory experts; Maurice Joosten and Megumi Fukatsu to celebrate The Bothy Spa at Heckfield Place.

Commissioned to curate a fragrance that evokes the atmosphere of nature’s finest scents on the Heckfield Estate, The Bothy Candle celebrates this magnificent countryside where time is slowed, breath is slowed, and we reconnect to nature’s rhythm. Describing the scent journey as an impressionists painting, Joosten with his credentials in visual arts and perfumery, and Fukatsu with her expertise in traditional Japanese aromatherapy and Kodo traditions; the canvas for the fragrance was the arboretum, walled garden, and market garden on the Heckfield Estate.

Challenged with creating a universal scent, encapsulating all four seasons in one, Joosten and Fukatsu embarked on countless visits exploring the Heckfield Estate through the year to build a library of scents from herbs, flowers, plants and leaves from the arboretum and walled gardens to ensure the richness of the location was captured and brought back to the design studio.

Conversations with the gardeners and arborists on the Estate built an even richer story for their painting, giving them invaluable insights into the romance of the land. Taking these insights and raw materials back to the studio, Fukatsu, who is heavily influenced in Kodo – the art of refinement, knew instinctively that the scent should be non-intrusive and evoke the richness and smoothness of the English botanical garden.

The Kodo approach encourages scents that can sharpen the senses and awaken the spirit whilst also calming the mind in turbulent times, it should breathe life without taking the limelight. With this in mind, a pallet of notes and impressions were bought together as Joosten and Fukatsu used their instincts and intuition to bring the story of the land to the scent.

Returning you to a simpler time, the scent of The Bothy Candle takes you on a journey through the luscious walled garden on the Heckfield estate, leading you to The Bothy spa where you can free your mindset and disconnect from distractions. A scent for all seasons, all rooms and all times of day, a crisp and pure fragrance for the home environment. A bouquet of green herbs and leaves - Sage, Rosemary, Peppermint and Palma Rosa deliver a bright and cleansing aroma with slightly sweet and floral notes. Botanical top notes include Chamomile, Rose and Sage. Lime adds a twist of citrus to this delicate, clean aroma.


Hand crafted in England our candle is a blend of 100% natural waxes, traditional English botanicals and exotic woods. The scented wax is poured into stoneware vessels crafted in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of traditional English ceramics. Collaborating with artisans from one of the last potteries, opened in 1810, we have created simply shaped vessels in hard-wearing vitrified stoneware with soft natural coloured matt glaze.

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