The Science Behind Proven to Work

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The Science Behind Proven to Work

Uncompromising in our approach to efficacy, we strive to ensure that Wildsmith Skincare formulations are backed by both clinical and consumer trial claims – but what do these actually mean?


Undertaken by independent specialists - including a dermatologist - clinical trials involve the use of state-of-the-art technology to measure product efficacy.

For example, patch testing to establish skin type suitability, skin moisture assessments to measure changes in hydration and high-resolution imaging and measurement for claims related to pores or fine lines.

Participants are chosen by the clinical team, based on age and specific skin concern. With each participant given a usage protocol to follow for the trial's duration.

Measurements are then taken on day 1, 7, 14 and 28 days. It is these trials that enable us to make claims such as:

Tested over a period of 28 days by 30 subjects Time-Release Pre-Serum Drops were seen to:

- significantly reduce pigmentation spots by up to 67%
- instantly improve skin smoothness upon application by up to 54%
- significantly increase skin brightness by up to 16% over


Wildsmith Skin consumer trials are overseen by independent third parties, including The Beauty Bible, and involve asking a panel of consumers for their subjective opinion on a product’s performance.

Selected by the trial team, participants commit to using the product as directed for 28 days.

Providing feedback through online surveys and with each participant asked the same questions.

It is these trials that enable us to make claims such as:
Time-Release Pre-Serum Drops when tested by 30 subjects over 28 days:

- 97% of users said their skin was softer/smoother
- 96% of users said their skin was more radiant
- 86% said that their complexion appeared clearer

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