The Wildsmith Active Super Eye Serum

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The Wildsmith Active Super Eye Serum

It’s really no wonder the tissue around the eye creases, lines become deeper and dark circles can suddenly appear, given how fragile and delicate the skin is here. In fact, it is only one tenth of the thickness of the skin on the face. Alongside the delicate skin, the eye area has to compensate for less moisture due to a lack of oil glands in this area and the constant movement of the eye – 25,000 blinks a day!

Our Wildsmith Skin Super Eye Serum has been carefully created to deliver advanced results to support collagen and elastin production that starts to decline as we age. The reduction starts to become noticeable in our 30’s when fine lines start to appear and in our 40’s our collagen levels have reduced by up to 30%. Collagen and elastin are providing the support structure to the eye area so it’s important we use ingredients to help support their production.
With the skin around the eyes being so thin it’s important to strengthen the skin from within, as the skin ages it loses both elasticity and firmness resulting in skin slackening and an accentuation of wrinkles. Thanks to the tightening action of the powerful plant complex in the line smoothing serum the skin is smoother, firmer and tighter and the ingredient spilanthes, nicknamed the natural alternative to Botox, lessens the tension around the skin so the skin isn’t creasing and causing lines and wrinkles.

One of the biggest eye concerns is dark circles and there are many reasons why the skin under the eyes can appear blue and purplish in colour. We at Wildsmith Skin are aware that the skin is extremely sensitive to environmental stresses such as UV, pollution, fatigue and general ageing. Unless dark circles are hereditary, they are normally a result of the loss of collagen and/or internal skin inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the biggest skin agers, it’s invisible but on the very rare occasion you do experience sensitivity, redness or irritation, inflammation will be at the heart of the reaction. As well as causing sensitivity, cell renewal is slowed down, collagen and elastin are being attacked and the skins lipids that bring moisture and strength to the skin are also being challenged.
Elderflower is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols which bring strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation and protects the cells from the damage which leads to dark circles, lines and wrinkles. Combining Green Caffeine, which when compared to Vitamin C and Vitamin E delivers more antioxidant power over a 48hr period ensures we protect the delicate tissue around the eyes.


Our Active Super Eye Serum has been formulated to be light weight in texture but intensively hydrating in a silky fast absorbing serum.

Keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated and moisturised can be challenging. Apply rich eye creams and you may experience tiny white spots that can’t be squeezed – these are called milia. Our Active Super Eye Serum has been formulated to be light weight in texture but intensively hydrating in a silky fast absorbing serum. Combining the brilliant low weight hyaluronic acid that holds 1,000 times its own weight in moisture and the larch tree extract which aids the skin is retaining moisture, these two powerful ingredients work together to ensure maximum hydration is achieved whilst preventing dehydration lines becoming permanent age lines.

Take care of your eyes, be careful when you’re cleansing and removing your eye makeup at the end of the day, the more you rub the more you’re creasing and dragging the skin. If you do use a separate eye makeup remover with makeup remove pads, observe how many lashes are on your pad. This will show you how gentle you are being, you’re aiming for no eye lashes on the pad at all. Cleansing balms will be gentler, try our Nourishing Cleansing Balm its super gentle and the precious plant oils will also condition your lashes.

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