Transitional Skincare

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Transitional Skincare

Moving from season to season is the perfect time for you to press pause, analyse and review what you want from your skin care products, assess how your skin is behaving and set new skin goals.

This winter your skin could have suffered from breakouts due to wearing face coverings or the constant central heating may have zapped the moisture from your skin, leaving it feeling parched, dehydrated, dry and possibly sensitive in areas. Do not be surprised as we move into spring if your skin appears like its lost its vibrancy, radiance and glow and seems to look dull, grey and is lacking in lustre.

Reviewing your skincare routine at the beginning of a season is what our Wildsmith Skin experts advise. Just as your wardrobe changes and we switch out heavy knitwear and coats to lighter fabrics and jackets and we see our food choices move from comfort food and winter soups for warmth, energy, and nourishment to salads and spring vegetables such as asparagus.

Analyse your Skin

At the end of every season take the time to analyse your skin. Try to keep skin condition and skin type separate although both are important to consider when choosing skincare. If you are not sure on your skin type, cleanse your skin and leave for 30 mins skincare free. There are four skin types – normal, dry, combination and oily. Leaving your skin free from any products for half an hour will allow you to see what your true skin type is and this will help you when choosing skincare products.

Skin conditions change throughout the year and particularly at the change of the season (our skin type typically stays the same) however as we age, as our lifestyle changes, as we are exposed to different day to day stresses these can all affect our skin condition. Picking one skin condition and making that your skin goal is best as too many goals can be confusing and limits the results you will achieve.

Spring cleansing

Cleansing will always be a key part of your skin care routine all year round. But if you have noticed winter has left your skin feeling particularly compromised, lacking in plumpness, hydration and nourishment our Wildsmith Skin Nourishing Cleansing Balm will be the perfect antidote. Kukui butter immediately brings comfort, smoothness and softness to the skin, whilst hydrating and preventing further water loss. For skin that feels stressed, Calendula oil has been a trusted ingredient for centuries, known for its incredible healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it immediately brings comfort, relieves redness, and reduces sensitivity.

Exfoliation is key

Winter skin is known to leave the skin dull devitalised and looking grey, dead skin cells can latch on to the skin perhaps as the body’s attempt to provide an extra layer of protection during the harsh winter months. It is important to remove these dead skin cells as they will zap the skincare goodness and hydration you apply daily and not forgetting an exfoliated skin is a radiant, glowing, smooth skin. Our new Dual-Action Exfoliating Treatment is designed to banish the dead skin cells with skin integrity as a priority to ensure we respect the skin whilst gently freeing and buffing the dead skin cells away. Using a combination of PHA’s (Polyhydroxy Acids) that help to loosen the dead cells whilst attracting water to enhance skin hydration. Pineapple enzymes aid the removal of dead skin cells whilst reducing inflammation and soothing the skin. Cherry Stone Micro Powder gentle lifts and buffs the dead skin cell away, leaving the skin brighter, smother and visibly more radiant.  Look out for dual action exfoliators as they are created with the skin in mind, to ensure you are exfoliating correctly for maximum results without compromising the skin and the skin barrier.

Lighter textures with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid continues to be one of the essential ingredients for achieving more hydration, limiting water loss and plumping and smoothing the skin texture and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid likes the warmer months, thanks to its ability to attract and draw moisture into the skin from the atmosphere, spring and summer are seasons you want to make sure hyaluronic is in your routine thanks to the increase in humidity. Our Copper Peptide Serum is the perfect anti-ageing serum for the warmer months, light weight in texture and power packed with Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic acid (a low molecular weight which has an ability to work at a cellular level) to infuse the skin with moisture and copper peptides to deliver antioxidant protection and restore firmness. This is the perfect partner if you are using retinoids at night-time, Copper Peptide Serum continues to enhance cell renewal in the day or if you choosing to take a break from retinoids during the summer use Copper Peptide morning and evening.  The Cacay Nut Oil is the perfect plant oil to turbo charge the Copper Peptide, due to its high Vitamin A content. It ensures the skin is protected from environmental aggressions and cell regeneration is revitalised.

Use your skincare wisely

After Spring cleaning your skincare routine, you may have found there a few products that have richer textures that maybe are too heavy for the spring and summer but do not throw them away especially if they are still in date. Use them as a neck cream at night-time or create a weekly mask with them by adding a few drops of your favourite facial oil and then apply a thicker layer of your winter day cream and relax and infuse the skin with a moisture mask.        

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