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Your skin can change up to 4 times a year as the seasons come a go, these changes leave their mark on your skin. As the temperature drops so does the moisture content in the air and we say hello to dehydrated and dry skin. The cold air will zap the moisture from the skin, and you may notice the skin feels dry and parched. The colder the air the drier the air, the drier the air the lower the humidity and the more likely the skin will become stressed and dehydrated. Combine this with central heating and it’s no surprises the skin can feel taught, tight, dry, parched, thirsty and creases easily. In the morning when you wake up you may be greeted with sleep lines on the cheeks and the décolleté, your face can feel dry, your complexion can appear dull, these are all signs the skin has become dehydrated overnight.

Hydration is probably the most important factor for your skin’s health, with nearly all the skin functions requiring good levels of moisture. If the skin becomes dehydrated collagen synthesis is reduced, inflammation is increased, enzyme activity declines and the skin barrier becomes compromised.

Do not be surprised if your skin feels more sensitive in the Autumn, dehydrated and dry skins often become irritated due to a lack of moisture causing skin sensitivity, stress, and inflammation.

Do not ignore any of these feelings, even the slightest amount of dryness and sensitivity if left for a long period will expose the skin to further challenges. The priority for looking after your skin during the Autumn is to keep dehydration at bay and ensure the skins barrier stays protected and strong.

Keep on eye on your skin hydration levels

If you are not sure if your skin on your face is dehydrated here is an easy test to check your skin’s hydration levels:

Using your index finger lift the cheek upwards and note how the skin changes. If you see horizontal feathery lines this is a sign the water levels in the upper layers of the skin have declined and the skin is dehydrated.

Wildsmith Autumn skincare routine

If your face has become dehydrated and your complexion is lacklustre it’s time to make a few adjustments to your current routine. Here is how we at Wildsmith suggest you keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and plumped with moisture:

Ensure you stay tuned into how your skin is feeling, does your skin feel tight and taught? Does the skin feel warmer than normal? Does your moisturiser last all day? Does the skin feel soft, supple, and moisturised all day? Or does the skin feel uncomfortable, thirsty, and parched?

Cleansing and exfoliating

One of the first skincare adjustments we recommend is switching your cleanser to a balm cleanser which will bring instant comfort, especially at night-time.

Cleansing is the cornerstone of a great skincare routine, get this step wrong and your skin will not thank you. When your skin feels parched at the end of the day you need to restore the skins barrier, bring comfort to the skin and cleanse effectively. The moment the NOURISHING CLEANSING BALM melts into the skin it is comforting, nurturing and you can feel the skin dryness disappear under your fingertips. After just one cleanse your skin feels plump with no signs of dryness thanks to the beautiful blend of precious oils, rich butters and vitamins A, C & E.   

How effective is your exfoliator?

Is your moisturiser and all your skincare working hard enough for you? Dead skin cells not only steal all your skin care but also contribute to the skin looking dull and sallow. Exfoliation works instantly and is an important step that can stimulate your skin cell renewal, quickly delivering luminosity and bringing healthy hydrated cells to the skin surface all in one application. Your skin sheds thousands of dead skin cells a day, however as we age the skin holds onto those cells, add dehydration from cold autumn air and the situation only gets worse. Crushed rosehip and cranberry infuse the skin with essential fatty acids which are vital to replenish a dry, dehydrated skin and the plant shell powders effortlessly buff away the dead skin cells. If you have the NOURISHING CLEANSING BALM take a Wildsmith spoon of the RADIANCE POLISHER and mix the two together to make the ultimate Autumn weekly treat.

Eyes age quickly when the tissue becomes dehydrated

Does the skin around the eyes appear more lined?

How has the summer left the skin around your eyes? Have you noticed the tissue around this area looking more lined or crepey? We do the most damage to our skin in the summer due to UV rays from the sun damaging the collagen, then along comes Autumn and the skin around the eyes becomes dry. The skin around the eyes is delicate and has no functioning oil glands, so no way to keep the skin naturally moisturised meaning it lines and creases easily.  If you are already using a serum for the face under your moisturiser you will have seen the power and the results from adding this additional step into your routine.  Adding drops of the SUPER EYE SERUM under your eye cream will ensures the delicate tissue around the eye is infused with hyaluronic acid, snow algae and hibiscus berries deliver long lasting hydration and the eye tissue will become smoother and tighter. Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its own weight in moisture, this wonder ingredient allows skin to regain smoothness especially around the eye area which is known to crease and line more easily. 

Replenish and repair is key at night-time  

Overnight skin hydration is paramount to surviving the Autumn and Winter months, especially if you have noticed dryness and sensitivity.

Whilst you sleep the skin loses moisture, combine that with the moisture you lose during the day and your skin will defiantly feel tight, taught, and uncomfortable. It is believed up to half a pint of moisture a day is lost from your skin and facial oils are the secret to hydrating the skin but more importantly locking in hydration and preventing water loss.  17 superior plant oils in our SUPER OIL immediately brings comfort to the skin, the omega rich botanicals cocoon the skin, the vitamins bathe the skin in antioxidants to aid repair whilst you sleep. Omega fatty acids will be the heroes of the night, repairing and reinforcing the skins barrier whilst you sleep. Camellia Seed Oil rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 support the building blocks of the skins upper layers to leave the skin smoother, hydrated, and stronger.



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