Review: Toning Body Serum

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Review: Toning Body Serum

A potent body serum packed with powerful ingredients to hydrate, help tone the appearance of skin and support micro-circulation for skin that feels firmer, smoother and deeply moisturised.


Cellulite is commonly found on the upper thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen, the reason for the visible dimpling or what is more commonly known as the orange peel effect is fat cells pushing into the skins connective tissue. This leads to restricted blood flow (hence why the skin can often feel cold to the touch) and poor lymphatic drainage when  combined with the irregular adipocyte (fat cell) distribution in the hypodermis (lower layers of the skin) and the imbalance of lipogenesis (fat storage) and lipolysis (breakdown of fat reserves) accentuates the uneven skin texture.

Lipogenesis is the storage of fat, consumed sugar and fats are transformed to fat molecules before entering an adipocyte cell (fat cell) where they join together to form a triglyceride which is a molecule too big to leave the cell. When you exercise you breakdown the triglyceride into smaller molecules so they can leave the fat cell and enter the blood stream to be used around the body for energy. Your fat cells can store a lot of fat molecules and can swell up to 60 times its size.


We are proud of our latest breakthrough which combines the science of the skin, bio active natural ingredients and a unique delivery system to ensure outstanding visible results are achieved.

Our scientists and skin experts understand the processes within the body which control our adipocyte cells. There are two types of fat cells, white for fat storing and brown for energy releasing, the white fat cells are responsible for fat which insulates the body and brown fat cells are available for the body to burn for energy and to generate body heat. As you age most of our brown fat cells lose mitochondria which house the fat eating gene (uncoupling pro-tein-1) and turn into white-like fat storing cells and it is  these cells that are the challenge and focus for our research team at Wildsmith Skin.


During our extensive research we unearthed the potential of certain actives such as Brassica Alba otherwise known as Yellow Mustard and Capsaicin to in-fluence the white adipocytes to differentiate into a newly discovered ‘beige’ adipocyte (combination of white and brown fat cells) which can burn calories to release energy like brown fat burning cells.

Mustard Sprout causes differentiation of white adipocytes into ‘brown like’ ad-ipocytes, stimulating the fat burning process.

Capsaicin is the newest discovery in the advancements to tackle cellulite and is an alternative to caffeine which is the most common ingredient in anti cellu-lite products. It improves blood and lymph flow, perfect for stimulating slug-gish areas like the hips and thighs. 


The product was tested over a period of 28 days by 33 subjects aged between 30 and 50 years, with mature or pre-mature skin and with ageing signs and rough/hard face skin areas. The subjects were asked to apply the product daily, and were measured before and after one use, and again at the end of the 28 days.

Improves firmness and tone in the skin. After 28 days of use, the skin elasticity was clinically measured to be improved by 13%.

Instantly hydrates the skin. Immediately after first use, the moisture levels of the stratum corneum were clinically measured to be improved by 101%.

Delivers long lasting skin hydration. After 28 days of use, the moisture levels of the stratum corneum were clinically measured to be improved by 41%.

Smoothes and reduces the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles and lines. After 28 days of use, the crepiness was clinically measured to be reduced by 17%.

After 28 days of use, skin smoothness improved by 5% 


Apply the Toning Body Serum to where there is a higher quantity of white fat cells, typically stomach, hips, thighs, and upper arms. Always apply up the legs and arms towards the heart to aid circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The formulation is stimulating and energising so you may experience initially a cooling sensation and then a warming feeling, this is the plant bio-actives of Capsaicin invigorating the area.

Cellulite can sometimes be tender particularly on the leg area so when messaging adapt the pressure so it is comfortable for you.  Always massage the legs sitting down on the bed ideally with your feet raised. 

Use approximately the size of an almond and smooth over the upper thighs, place one hand on the other and massage in circles always moving up the leg towards the heart.

Repeat until all the upper thigh is smoothed with the Ton-ing Body Serum. If you want to target the stomach use the same amount and massage the stomach in a large circular motion around the belly button and smoothing out to the hips.

Using both hands start pinching the upper thigh and stomach using your fingers and your thumbs.

Like kneading dough, we need to knead the thighs and the stomach to aid the breakdown of the cellulite.

If you want to target the backs of the arms place one hand on the back of the neck and with your other smooth the Toning Body Serum from the elbow to the shoulder. Then place the same arm on the opposite shoulder across the chest, ideally your hand resting on the opposite shoulder. Continue to knead (like kneading dough) to aid the breakdown of the cellulite. 

For best results apply twice a day and massage once a day. Always wash your hands after applying the Toning Body Serum.

Because of the active ingredients in our Toning Body Serum we recommend that you do not use the product before or during exercise. Also avoid using the product on any sensitive areas of the body.


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