How the trees of Heckfield Place inspired our formulas

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How the trees of Heckfield Place inspired our formulas

Wildsmith Skin formulas are inspired by, and born of, a deeper connection to nature.

Walking through the woods on the Heckfield Estate, amongst 160 year-old specimens of Paper Bark Maple and Colorado Spruce, is awe-inspiring. But there’s another motivation to spending time here, beneath the protective green canopy. The trees planted by William Walker Wildsmith in the 1860s are a particular inspiration for our formulas – they adapt, heal, and grow according to their environment. An approach mirrored by our skin automatically, seamlessly, and subconsciously every second of every day.

Our delivery system mimics the highly intricate and organised system of trees. 

 When you pluck the leaf from a tree, it represents the very tip of a much more complex delivery system comprising of branches, trunk and roots. It was by observing the unique ecology of these trees, the way the co-exist and communicate with each other, that we began to develop the innovative science behind our clinically proven range – utilising ingredient delivery systems that would mimic the highly intricate and organised systems of trees in the wild. As such, our formulas harness unique technology to transport a precise ingredient dosage, to a specific part of the skin, at the optimum time for greatest efficacy.
Our Time-Release Pre-Serum Drops are a perfect example. Designed to address uneven skin tone, dullness, and blocked pores, we’ve drawn on the antioxidant power of ENCAPSULATED VITAMIN C to brighten and protect. Despite its reputation as a famously unstable and hard to manage ingredient, we used intelligent time-release technology to create a formula that drip feeds VITAMIN C to skin cells gradually over the course of a day, providing antioxidant
protection that lasts.

Heckfield's Arboretum.

Trees have also informed our work with the circadian rhythm. In particular thinking about the way daylight interacts with the human body to determine energy levels and the sleep wake cycle, comparable to the process of photosynthesis
in plants.

We translated this thinking for our luxurious, yet efficacious Vitality, Purity, and Stillness Body Oils – each intended for use at different times of day.

Wildsmith Vitality Body Oil

Infused with BLACK PEPPER, GINGER and CEDARWOOD, Vitality Body Oil stimulates circulation and energises in the morning. Purity – favoured by our Wildsmith Practitioners for daytime treatments at The Bothy – contains FENNEL, GRAPEFRUIT and JUNIPER to aid digestion and ease water retention. While our Stillness blend infused with soothing ROSE GERANIUM, LAVENDER and ROMAN CHAMOMILE supports deep rest and quietens the mind in the evening.
Just like the hush that descends over Heckfield’s woodland after dark.

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