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The sea, just like the land, is a natural source of inspiration – time in water is fundamental to our sense of wellbeing, after all.

Since time began, human beings have been swimming and bathing in the sea in order to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. As an island nation surrounded by coastal waters, this feels especially pertinent to us.

It’s one of the main reasons we selected SEA SALT as the base for our Wildsmith Skin Bath Salts, a long established favourite of guests to Heckfield Place, and now available to enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your bathroom at home.

Bath Salts

Wildsmith Bath Salts

The beneficial properties of seawater, in particular sea salts, are well documented for wellbeing. Their naturally occurring marine minerals including MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM, SODIUM and ZINC, have been harnessed throughout the ages for their restorative and therapeutic effects to skin and senses. In particular thalassotherapy – hailing from the Greek word ‘thalassa’ meaning sea or ocean – which incorporates a series of hydrotherapy treatments utilising seawater to help cleanse the skin of toxins, boost circulation, and even calm inflammation, remains as popular today as its inception in the mid 19th century.

The beneficial properties of seawater, in particular sea salts, are well documented for wellbeing.

As well as these widely recognised therapeutic benefits, SEA SALT contains minerals that are antimicrobial and antibacterial in their chemical composition. When absorbed by the skin, they interact with the natural barrier to help support cell repair and promote faster healing. It’s one of the reasons that saline, essentially sterile salt water, is used to clean wounds. Not to mention centuries of anecdotal evidence that salt-water bathing soothes and softens dry or damaged skin.

The magnesium found naturally in SEA SALT is also renowned for its ability to ease fatigued muscles and help promote a good night’s rest. This is because MAGNESIUM is known to regulate several of the neurotransmitters involved in sleep. Recent studies have also shown that MAGNESIUM may even be absorbed more quickly and readily by the body transdermally – that is via the skin – than in other forms, though further research is required to confirm this.

Combine all these benefits with a 100% natural trio of aromatic essentials oils including LINDEN, ROMAN CHAMOMILE and CEDARWOOD, and the calming yet restorative effects of WILDSMITH SKIN BATH SALTS are a welcome addition to any bath time ritual.

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