Serums to deliver deeply penetrating highly concentrated active ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

What are serums?

Serums are targeted treatments to deliver advanced results. Serums have a higher concentration of skin care actives to achieve specific results and turbo charge your existing skincare routine. Designed to absorb and work deeper in the skin, serums can treat lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, open pores, uneven skin texture and dull grey sallow skin. Serums do not clog the pores however be sure to choose your serum based on the results you want to achieve. Serums can really help oily, dry, sensitive, and dehydrated skins. You would only experience purging if the skin is holding onto impurities.  You would layer your serum before your moisturisers and after cleansing. Serums are typically light weight and rapidly absorb into the skin cells. You can also get eye serums that can target dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles and hooding of the eye lids. Wildsmith's Active Repair Copper Peptide Serum for more information can be used to treat a number of skincare issues.

How do serums work?

Serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients and are designed to target specific skin concerns such as hydration, wrinkles, or dull skin and hyperpigmentation. They are made up of very small molecules, meaning the skin can absorb them more quickly and they can penetrate into the epidermis instead of lying on the surface in the way that creams do.

What is serum for skin?

Facial serums are highly effective skincare designed to deliver specific results to your skincare routine. Facial serums contain small molecules of skin actives to target specific skin conditions. Serums can target lines and wrinkles, open pores, breakouts, slackness, dull complexion and sagging skin. Eye serums can target dark circles, puffiness, lines, and wrinkles and hooding of the eye lids. Serums can be layered and always the lightest water-based serum should be applied first after cleansing before moisturising. Facial serums have a greater affinity with the skin thanks to the powerful formulas, when choosing a serum always identify one skin condition you want to treat.

How to apply serums?

Serums work best when applied after cleansing and toning before your moisturiser. If using eye serums be sure to use your ring finger as this is the gentlest of all them all. As Face serums are light weight and absorb easily apply all over the face and neck or to specific areas. When applying serums to the face and neck apply with smoothing movements using your hands and always apply upwards to support the skin and defy gravity. Once applied give the skin at least 60 seconds before applying your next skincare product.

Do eye serums really work?

Eye serums do work, thanks to the small molecules of active ingredients that are used to treat the fine delicate tissue around the eyes. Eye serums target dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles and hooding of the eye’s lids. Skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and is structurally different to that of the rest of the face, the tissue around the eyes is a tenth of the thickness and there are no oil glands under the eyes. As the eye area becomes extremely dehydrated and dry very quickly this causes the skin to become creased and lines and wrinkles appear. Use eye creams from 20yrs upwards and use eye serums from 30/35yrs upwards. Eye serums will deliver extra hydration, draw in moisture and used under your eye cream will turbo charge the results.  Be careful not to stretch the skin around the eyes as this tissue is extremely fine and delicate it will stretch and damage very easily causing undereye bags.

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